Since working with Bill, I have enjoyed numerous major positive shifts in my life. In fact, my metamorphosis has been so complete that when I started, I had no idea that I could be the person I am today or how to get there. I'm in awe at the continuing richness and depth of my life. Change like this is not easy or simple.

Bill has always been there for me. He helped me to see some light in the darkness and showed me how to stand when all I wanted to do was run away. As I did this, I got to examine my limiting patterns. This examination, with Bill's guidance, got me to open up to completely new possibilities in my life; possibilities that affected me on personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

My internal energy shifted, making me feel healthier, larger, and more powerful. Communication with others is clearer, deeper, and more enjoyable. My life is now richer than ever. I live in technicolor instead of black and white, and what a glorious difference that is. Life jumps at you with a beauty and freshness that begs to be enjoyed.

I thank you Bill, for your guidance. How far can I go? I can't wait to find out!

Darryl, ICU Nurse

Webster's Dictionary describes the word "Fulfilling" as "To Bring Into Actuality." If I had to describe my work with Bill McDonald in one word, that single word "Fulfilling," would be the one I would choose. "Bringing into actuality" is exactly what he does through his professional coaching. His gentle, caring demeanor and non-judgmental attitude made me want to work hard to achieve my goals.

I personally have been able to bring into actuality, the life I, at one time, could hardly have envisioned. With his incredible patience, great wisdom and valuable time, I finally learned the tools I needed to realize the awesome blessings I live everyday, no matter where I am or what situation I am in.

It is almost impossible to express the incredible joy that I live daily, since our time together. I had no idea that life was supposed to be so rich and beautiful. Working with Bill unlocked my deepest potential as a human being and truly allowed me to manifest what I once thought of as just dreams, into realities.

I used to dream of living in Mexico and helping the people who live in the Barrio. Bill taught me how to access that part of myself that invariably turned my dream into a reality. Suddenly my entire life has taken on new meaning. Having deep faith in the Universe has always been a given. I now also have deep faith in myself. There are a million exciting possibilities in this world and my heart beats wildly at the thought of unleashing as many of them as I can in this lifetime!

Thank you Bill McDonald for your incredible strength, love and faith in me. Living in the present moment has never been so fulfilling. Thank you for teaching me how to "Bring Into Actuality."

Patricia B.

Throughout my sessions with Bill, the stark realization that "This is not a dress rehearsal!" has become my mantra. In our work together, he has given me the tools to better relate interpersonally, relish my worth and fully live life "now." He continues to be a great sounding board and advisor.

I highly recommend his life coaching sessions!

Barbara O.

In working with Bill, I have discovered what I already knew, which is that within myself I have the wisdom and courage to be true to myself, and loyal to my inner circle. I knew this cognitively, but putting it into practice with my husband and supporting him to do the same takes practice.

Bill has given me strategies and tools to become an active listener, while also learning to express my truth with ownership. He gently guides discoveries so that I can have the "Ahaa" rather than him having the "I told you so."

Working with him has given me insights and courage to want and have not just a good relationship, but a fantastic relationship! That does not mean that it is without problems or challenging life circumstances, but rather that I have tools and strategies to stay healthy and strong during those times.

Thanks Bill, I continue to grow and learn with your guidance.

Wendy F.

Occupational Therapist

When we first went to see Bill, our marriage was stuck. My wife and I wanted more from our relationship but had reached an impasse.

Now, instead of falling into our old cycle of miscommunication, hurt and withdrawal, we can recognize upset and use the tools he taught us to work through issues.

We now communicate on a much deeper level. I've learned so much about my wife and how my words and actions affect her. Our relationship has evolved and continues to evolve in a positive way thanks to Bill.

Mike F., Project Administrator

The journey I chose to embark on with Bill McDonald as my life's coach, has lead me to this very moment of profound joy for who I am and the life I am living. Words truly cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for Bill and the transformative power of his work. With his innate wisdom and highly skilled expertise, I have gained tremendous self-love that has allowed me the courage and freedom to be and creatively express who I really am in the world today.

Where does one begin when attempting to formulate into words a most remarkable evolution of mind and spirit? As I search my heart, what comes to mind is a commonly read scripture with an uncommon message. "Be still and know that I am God." I had truly never embraced this message from the Old Testament Psalmist until I came under the auspice of Bill McDonald. Hatred of being in my own skin and fear of looking within led me, early in life, to years of addictive and destructive behaviors. I lived for one distraction after another. It seemed so much easier to avoid the truth. Yet, truth be known, I was given life, and not the death I imagined from the sense of exposure I had so feared. In fact, I have never felt so alive. He has taught me the art of looking directly into the eyes of my heart and allowing it to speak its inner truths through quiet stillness and breathing. It is in these moments I truly listen to my soul and receive the gifts it has to offer. To my heart's delight the most wonderful surprise awaiting me is the unearthing of God living inside. Inside me! I have looked elsewhere for so long. As this awareness heightens, I soon realize that there is no distinction between the place where Stacy ends and God begins. We are One! The blissful truth of my reality flows freely and joyfully through the fountain of my being! So, nowadays, I make the choice to feel more often, than runaway. And that's an awesome and remarkable thing because this, in my estimation, is genuine acceptance and true love of one's self.

From this solid and unshakeable foundation, I continue to grow into higher consciousness as I live in and from each and every present moment. Receiving nurturing guidance from my coach and facing the challenges his work may pose, I am evolving in small steps and quantum leaps as I become all that my creative potential will allow in any given moment. Bill has led me into a world of endless possibilities. With the myriad of tools I have been given, my passion for life and the creative process is tempered with patience and accountability as I strive to manifest the ever-dynamic visions I hold for my authentic self and how it chooses to experience the world.

The process of rediscovering my innate gifts and honing these emerging talents has been an exercise in self-love in which I find great joy and wonder. The great explorer in me has truly come alive! As I find my way down an unbeaten path, I am continually reassured by the knowledge I've gained that the security we so painstakingly attempt to possess can only be found in the feelings of peace that emanate from a heart that is at home with itself. From this place, I can delight in marvelous anticipation of my journey down the road less traveled, into a world of unknowns. I have shed the cloak of the victim and donned a blazing "E", signifying my Rite of Passage into the Empowered Woman I am today.

Stacy Webb

To whom it may concern:

Initially, I asked my husband if he would be willing to give relationship coaching a try. When he agreed and I found myself in front of Bill for the first time, I thought I was there only to save my marriage. What I didn't know is that this journey with Bill would not only give me the tools to save my marriage, but it would save me! Because lets face it; you have to save yourself before you can be of any use to anyone else in your life!

For me, Bill McDonald was immediately easy to talk to. He exudes a sense of calm and understanding. No matter what I was sharing, he was always intensely interested and the absolute best listener I have ever encountered. He always made me feel special and important and safe.

Bill uses a special technique with his clients, in which he essentially teaches you a new language to use for communication. And like learning any new language, it takes time, practice and patience. But once I began to grasp it, it slowly became clear what a truly amazing effect it offered. When I think about it now, it seems so simple, yet I don't know many people who use it. And like any life altering change, I found myself constantly slipping back into my old form of communication. But now I have the tools to back up and begin again. For me, his technique offers a way to listen, communicate and learn while always respecting the other person, which at the end of the day adds up to intimacy as opposed to distance and resentment; which my former way of communication always led to.

I would highly recommend Bill McDonald to anyone!

Lisa C. R.

It seems that once in every lifetime, someone comes along that makes a profound and indelible impact on your life and leaves you forever changed. For me, that person has been Bill McDonald. Through our work together, Bill has played many roles - coach, friend, cheerleader, taskmaster. But regardless of the role, there has been one constant - unflagging support and dedication to who I am as a person and to my continual growth.

The changes that Bill guided me through with caring and humor have been nothing short of profound. I am simply not the same person I was. The breadth of Bill's knowledge, wisdom, and insight into human development and communication is simply impressive. He is a person who has run the personal and spiritual growth gauntlet himself so he knows firsthand the trials, the pitfalls, and simply what works. To be guided by someone who has "been there" is invaluable.

After years of dealing with ineffectual therapists, mentors, and coaches, I truly believe that it was an act of grace that I encountered Bill and began a journey of personal transformation beyond my wildest imaginings. And the journey continues.

In closing, if you are committed to making positive and concrete changes in your life, I highly recommend Bill McDonald as a coach and mentor.


Gerry L.

I called Bill today after several months. I wanted to touch base again and tell him that the seeds of what he planted have germinated. I am in a "no win" situation at work and am choosing to move on. I can do it without feeling badly. The failure here is clearly not mine. I have done my best in an impossible situation.

I couldn't have sorted this out without Bill's teachings. I would not have been able to face the future. I'm apprehensive of what comes next but know I have lots of options. I'm confident I can open up some new doors for myself. I look forward to the future.

Patricia D.
Hospital Administrator

I have spent most of my life under the illusion that people cannot really change. Maybe small things, pesky habits, etc., but nothing major. I was SO wrong. My work with you was invaluable in that realization. I use what we talked about in the sessions almost daily, and in a nutshell they are - No one is really doing anything to me. 90% of what is occurring took place in the past and therefore exists only in memory. The other 10% that is taking place in the present is totally my responsibility to change, choose to live with, or disregard. I thank you for your gentle and non-judgemental approach in helping me find this very simple (and at the same time, complex) truth. And secondly, courage. Again, simple and complex (just ask the cowardly lion), but once I fully embraced it, everything changed.

Here's whats been going on since we last spoke - I'm about 3/4 of the way through my fifth CD. It's a journey. The last one really was a growth experience in that I took a lot more control (and therefore responsibility) for it, rather than relying on Jimmy (my producer) to make the major musical decisions. I'm still learning this whole life thing, and thanks to you, I have all the tools to fall back on when things get mucky.

Finally got the courage, after 18-odd years to tell the woman that my heart has always said "yes-yes-yes" that I loved her. We moved in together 6 weeks later and have been together 9 months now. Easy? Sometimes. Hard? Sometimes. When I find myself drifting away (which is in my nature), I pull up a chair, face her, and we talk until we connect again. She does the same with me. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life that I know what love is. We are planning to move to San Diego in the fall. Again, the courage thing. Life is so good. Thanks again for all your help. Could not have done this without your guidance.

Recording & Performing Artist

I thank God every day that your work lives on through me (and through so many others!) It is such an honor to carry all that I now know in my heart and soul, the way I do, and to let it shine forth as a way of life. I have you to thank for this great honor.

Patti B.

I never cease to be in awe and utterly amazed as I journey on my life's path to ever increasing levels of personal growth and spiritual maturity. As I face new challenges and fear of the unknown, I am lifted to higher plateaus of being and freedom as I rely on the innermost resources my authentic self has to offer. "All is well," my Essence resounds as I move through moments of muck and mire that life can present. Surrendering to each present moment and life's many difficult circumstances, instead of pushing upstream against time-bound currents, yields a greater power waiting from within me to burst forth! Being still with this power and trusting its voice, I am not only flowing into and through adversity with greater ease and strength, but I have found myself in the midst of a remarkable birthing process of exquisite creativity and a new and exciting channel for my life's purpose. This new work, or "play" as I prefer to call it, is beyond anything I ever imaged possible and its daily evolution is most joyfully adding to my serendipitous adventure of being alive! This is the place, the sacred space, my life coach Bill McDonald, has held for me since our first meeting. Through his acknowledgement and recognition of my inestimable worth and keen vision into my world of possibility, I have come to hold this space for myself. His support and guidance has enabled me to draw upon my own resourcefulness and nurture the creator in me that perceives no limits. This is the space of Grace.

Joining the spirit in the sanctuary of my heart has become my daily compass. The knowing that emerge from this communion guide me in making choices in every aspect of my life. My journey into the healing process has become a "Petri dish" for my spiritual growth. I am continually releasing ideas and judgments about protocol for restoring my physical health, only to find new insights into the truth of my healing path. Just when I think I've discovered "the answer," I realize it is only a stepping stone to my next self-discovery. Ultimately, "the answer" is that there is no answer, only a flow of one experience to another. By allowing myself to move with the flow, not becoming attached to form, I am set free. The resources for developing my emerging self emanate naturally from this place of surrender.

As I blossom into a flower, so that I may bless the Earth with splendor and love, I am deeply grateful for the fertile soil I have been given in which to flourish. When I was hungry, he nourished my roots so that I may have firm ground to make my home. When I was thirsty, he showered my mind with knowledge so that I can move about the world with greater skill and ease. When I was empty, his Light filled my heart with the truth of who I really am. Thank you my mentor and teacher, Bill McDonald. It is an honor to know you and a rare privilege to be so graced by your Presence in my life.

Stacy Webb

As Bill and I began our work together, I was feeling quite discouraged about several aspects of my life. I felt as though I was no longer doing a good job with my business, as a father or as a husband. Things that had always worked well in the past suddenly did not seem to be working any longer. I have always been a driven individual with the attitude of 'work hard / play hard'. The joys in my life were disappearing and even vacations no longer seemed to rejuvenate me. I had exhausted my set of tools and felt that I could use some help to get things back on course.

An important issue that I had been dealing with was dissolving a partnership in a consulting business. I started the business six years earlier with a good friend and colleague. Though the business was successful, I had tired of the direction it was moving and the amount of energy it was absorbing in my life. I felt like it might be time for me to get out of this business and begin moving in a new direction.

Bill turned out to be the most focused listener I have ever encountered. He seemed to understand my situation more than I could have imagined and asked many difficult questions. Through our work together, we reaffirmed my decision to get out of that business and I began to see it as a positive change; rather than negative. His coaching assisted me through this challenging transition period which was complicated by a partner who finds compromise difficult. In the end, I was able to sell my interest in the business and still maintain my former partner’s friendship.

During that same time period we were able to assess what was (and wasn't) working in my life, where my passions lie, and what is most important to me. This laid the groundwork for me to redefine my engineering career. Though my career is still a work in progress, I have a new sense of balance between my work and my commitments to my family and my own happiness. Being internally “driven' will always be part of who I am. However, what I have learned is how to manage that driving force within me and not let it engulf my life.

Bill's guidance and direction in sorting through the challenges was invaluable. I appreciated both his obvious knowledge and perception in his field of expertise. I now have a better understanding of dynamics I was experiencing and how to master them for future reference. My confidence and motivation is back and my life is far more pleasant than it has been in a long time. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his compassion and understanding.

J.R. - Consulting Engineer

I had no idea how different my life would become the day I stepped into Bill McDonald's office. Growing up and into adulthood, I was always given the proper training and tools to make myself successful. I had a positive attitude, a strong education, and great people skills for the “real world.' Failure was never an option. One day, however, I discovered my life was not what I wanted nor what I was looking for.

I was 'successful' by definition. I had a job. I had great friends and family. I was not in need of anything. Still, I was missing something. Missing were the tools to make my life as full as it could be. The tools to learn that taking great risks can bring great rewards. The tools that would encourage me to strive for the job I want, the relationship I want and the leadership I want. The tools that I could use in all aspects of my life.

I had no idea what kind of freedom would come to me over time while working with Bill. Both personally and as a corporate leader, my 'true' success continued to expand. His style was similar in both roles. The focus is on you and your personal values, potential and energy. These sessions brought out the best in me and the homework (which I didn't always want to do) is still useful to me today when making decisions, dealing with situations in the office and communicating to my clients, co-workers or partner.

During this time I changed careers once, jobs twice and received 4 promotions, plus started my own business. This success is different though. It's not the kind of success you see from the outside looking in. It's the kind you experience from the inside looking out.

I am now able to look at myself and the life I have built and be proud…not because of the money I have nor the title on my business card, but because all the pieces of the puzzle are put together so that when something starts to come unglued, I have the tools to put it back together or even change the puzzle entirely.

Bill McDonald is an amazing teacher. Without him my journey would still be in the planning phase and not the living phase.

Oh...and by the way...I'm engaged to be married soon to an incredibly wonderful man. It just keeps getting better and better!

Jennifer M., Corporate Executive
Houston, Texas

My wife Dana and I own and operate several small businesses in Durango, Colorado with the help of family members and employees. As a close knit group, personal and business lives often intersect. We found everyone was wanting more from us without offering more of themselves.

Our work with Bill McDonald helped put in perspective, the parameters and skills needed to deal with our relationships both personally and professionally. This allowed us to take control of our lives. Armed with this knowledge of communication, we not only learned how to handle the situations, but how to handle the stresses of business and family on an ongoing basis. We learned to take the emotion out of the situation and deal with the problems more intelligently.

Dana and I feel our lives are better today due to working with Bill. Our family relationships are stronger than ever, the employees are more settled and we are happier than ever. We also spend more and more time travelling, a dream that had been compromised prior to having these new tools.

We're now working on selling the mail-order business, pursuing another mini storage & traveling on a long RV, golf trip/working business trip, a mini storage convention this week in Las Vegas, & meeting up with old friends, in Wickenburg, AZ- Palm Springs, CA.

John Ogorzalek

Dear Bill,

John and I just want to take a moment to thank you for your support and direction with our many businesses and family matters. Most of all you helped to improve the quality of our lives.

Forever Grateful,
Dana Ogorzalek

I came to Bill for direction while a sales representative with a large company. I was under much pressure and received little managerial support. My company had doubled my quota and neglected to inform me until halfway through the quarter. This left me with a very steep quota, very little time, and an uncertainty if I should fight or flight.

In just a few meetings with Bill I learned techniques that helped me triple my closing ratio while staying true to my belief in helping people. The techniques I learned from Bill not only helped me in my professional life, but crossed over to help me in my personal life. My new and improved skills have not only benefited my customers, but friends and family, too.

I also found a new employer where I am appreciated, receive meaningful support, and go home feeling good at the end of the day! Thank you, Bill.

--Christy, NJ

I'm skeptical of quick fixes. My office bookshelves are virtual monuments to seminars and workshops that all promised to make me better at something that I wasn't very good at – how to be a better communicator, how to communicate in difficult situations, how to deal with difficult people, and the holy grail of coaching: how to find balance in life. As my professional responsibilities consumed more and more of my life, those seminar publications that I would never again have time to review stared at me from their bookshelf tombs in silent judgment day after day. The paradox: I would never have time to utilize the material that promised to help me find the time that was already missing.

When I was introduced to Bill McDonald, my professional life was on a trajectory of self destruction. It was a matter of time that I would no longer be able to keep pace with the demands imposed by two businesses and a difficult corporate hierarchy. I foresaw the loss of professional credibility, the downfall of my relationship with my wife and family and finally, my own health. It was that specter and the recommendation of a respected friend that led me to contact Bill about coaching. Later, my wife told me she had wondered how much longer she would be able to hang on. Apparently I had not been very pleasant to live with.

When I studied Quantum Theory in college, a professor warned that for much of the year we would not be able to 'see the forest for the trees,' and until the end of the course, when our knowledge started to broaden, and only then would we comprehend the material. Bill could have accurately given the same admonition.

By the time I started to work with Bill, I realized that my life was going to change, and I could either administer the change myself, or have it dictated by outside influences. Easy choice. I had all the motivation I needed to find my way through the forest one tree at a time.

I characterize the changes I went through as a journey from 'success' to success. I was successful: respected by my colleagues, superiors and subordinates alike. The part I wasn't tending to was me, and what suffered was my intuitive grasp. That 'intuitive grasp' is the subject behind the popular buzz phrase that gets thrown around frequently and casually: 'emotional intelligence.' It has a nice ring to it. It has been acknowledged as one of the essential keys to creating success. I agree. A lot of people talk it, but Bill McDonald understands it well enough to teach it. Bill guided me through an inquiry, never as criticism, always as a litany of facts that, stacked together, created the climate in which I conducted myself; and would ultimately give me the authority to change that climate.

The retrospective: I've learned how to do those things that the quick-fix seminars promised and failed at repeatedly: my communication skills are better in all situations. I have found balance. I have found real sustainable success. In the end, I feel good and love what I do. I can't think of anything more important than that.

Trent P., Corporate Executive